Born in Sunny California, raised across the USA, settled in Las Vegas.  I've lived in Vegas since '97, with a brief stint in Decatur, AL in 09-10.  Came to Sin City and Jesus found me in 98.  I've been a Christ follower ever since.  I have done everything from being in the Navy, Worship Pastor, welder, musician and now a Tattoo Artist.  I love life and living it as well.

I am married to an awesome woman named Jean.  We celebrated the arrival of our first child, Julia Madision on 1/11/11!!  I have an older son named James Jr.  He should have been a linebacker, but chose  music over violence.  Good choice I think...

My journey to tattoo artist actually started on the USS Coral Sea in 1990.  I ordered everything you needed to start tattooing from Spalding and Rogers.  It was awesome to open the box and not know what the hell I was looking at.  After some time reading the "A to Z" book, I realized I was over my head.  Wow, lots of stuff to learn...let that be a lesson to you kids, it's not just "get a machine and go".
So with all the passion of a person who wanted to be an artist, I gave it all to my brother who was dating a girl who worked at a tattoo shop. 

Fast forward to July 2009. A trip to Michigan to visit my family and of course my brother is tattooing his little heart out.  So I decided, that I would stop messing around and get down to becoming a Tattoo Artist.

So how did I end up in Stanton, MI?  Stop in to Tattoos By Wojo in downtown Stanton and I'll tell you the whole story.
Life is a journey and I love every step.  Peace,

Julia Madison Wojtowicz.  She stole my heart...